About Us

It's a revolution.
  And it is! A revolution! Against monopoly! Against streamlining art, idea, and creativity!
We believe each and every individual is unique, and AceWear™ allows you to define yourself.
  Acewear™ brings you special designs of Steampunk and Personality sunglasses, both of which are very hard to find in the usual brand giants, almost all of which are made by a single manufacturer. You have the same old style in different brands at different prices. And since the Supply is controlled by only a handful companies, there has been no need to give you a choice of any kind, whether in style or price. 
   AceWear™ focuses on bringing the funk and fashion back into the hands of the free, the bold, and the unique. Both of Our collections, Mojo- A Steampunk collection and Chocolate City- A Personality collection,  aim to bring out the beauty in you in every shade and magnify your glow, persona and the Queen that you are. 
   This black-owned business aims to satisfy the urban eyewear need that has been omitted by industry giants. We hope you like our very first collection and allow AceWear™ let you define yourself. 
Nati (Natnael Endale)